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Two For All

For All Cleaning Kit

This package includes 1 bottle of our Lime, Basil & Mandarin scented For All and 1 bottle of our Peppermint scented For All, beautifully boxed and with no extra shipping cost.

For All is a safe and effective liquid detergent scented using only pure essential oils. It replaces more than 15 different surface cleaners.

If you’d like a different scent combination just leave a note for us at the checkout.

Directions & Dilutions

Can be used directly on a wet cloth or diluted in water. All purpose spray: 1 tbsp per 1 litre of water. Laundry: apply undiluted to stains. Dishes: 1-2 tsp in a sink full of water, or fill your dish wand Windows, Car and Mopping: 1-2 tbs in 4lt of water. Grout + Oven: apply undiluted onto a wet brush or scourer


Alkyl polysaccharides (non ionic surfactant based on corn and coconut derivatives), Alkyl Amine Oxides (canonic surfactants made from natural sources), Linear Ethoxylated Alcohols (non ionic surfactant), Betains (contain positive and negative charge on the surfactant), Water, Essential Oils, and 0.1% Methylparaben (a food-grade preservative).