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Laundry Launch Bundle (NEW)

Laundry Launch Bundle (NEW)

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For All Scent Choice
  • Tough on surfaces
  • Gentle on skin
  • Dilutable

This bundle has been put together to include our brand new product, FOR LAUNDRY, as well as our ultimate cleaner FOR ALL. 

FOR ALL can be used on every single hard surface in and around your home, no exception. It can be used on some soft ones too (like your leather couch). 
FOR LAUNDRY is the same base formulation, with a couple of key changes that make it safe and effective inside your washing machine. It’s got less bubbles, and the addition of enzymes (great for fabric stains). 

This bundle contains: 

1 x 1 litre FOR LAUNDRY (Lemon Myrtle)

1 x 1 litre FOR ALL (you choose the scent)

1 x 3 pack of our crowd favourite Waffle Cloths

1 x 500ml Spray Bottle

2 x Foaming Pump (for dishes + handsoap)

2 x pop top caps for easy pouring 

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