Product information

What is For All?

For All is a pH neutral detergent that is safe for every surface. It’s made using naturally derived surfactants and scented only using pure essential oils. For All comes concentrated and can be diluted to make 50 litres of spray. It is a safe and effective product that is gentle on skin and tough on grease and grime. 

What are the ingredients of For All?

So glad you asked, because unlike many other cleaning products you'll find - For All has nothing to hide! This is our full list of ingredients. Lauramine Oxide (coconut based surfactant), Laurylbenzene sulfonate, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium xylene sulfonate, Alpha olefin sulphonate (all biodegradable surfactants), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (foam boosting surfactant), Sodium hydroxide (used to neutralise the pH of the formula, a common ingredient of soap and also known as LYE), Acusol 820 (thickener), Sodium Benzoate + Potassium Sorbate (eco certified preservative), Pure essential oils (based on selected scent).

How do I use For All?

For All is really easy to use. You can pop it straight onto a cloth or scourer for deep cleaning (just make sure it's wet), and dilute it for everything else. Our best suggestion is to follow both the @forallaustralia social media pages and @kacie_thebigcleanco : although we do have some instructions on the label of the bottle, there's nothing like seeing a how-to video to really help you nail your cleaning technique and get the most out of this very easy to use product.

Is For All really made in Australia?

Yes, it sure is! We manufacture For All here in Melbourne where we ship it out to homes across Australia and the world!

Is For All a septic tank safe cleaning product?

Absolutely! We have a chemist who has created the formulation to ensure it is safe for all types of septic tanks. If you head over to our blog, we have written a whole post full of good info for you.

Is For All pet safe?

Yes. For All contains pure essential oils, but as it is such a small amount (less than 1%), it is not harmful to our furry friends. If you're super cautious about that, not to worry, we've got a Fragrance Free version as well.

Is For All a disinfectant?

For All is a detergent. Detergent is used to remove bacteria from the surface (cleaning it off), whereas disinfectant is used to kill bacteria while it’s still on the surface. The chemicals in disinfectants are not recommended to be used regularly in Australian households. 

Does For All have an SDS?

Yes, we certainly do! These can be provided on request by emailing hello@forallaustralia.com

I'm a professional cleaner who uses & loves For All! How do I get added to your Pro Cleaner Directory?

We love to hear it! You can email us directly at hello@forallaustralia.com with your business name and location, and we'll add you to the directory.

Promotions & discounts

Can I get a discount on my first order?

You sure can! If you sign up to our email list you'll get 5% off your first order.

How do I apply my discount code?

Your promo code can be applied at the checkout, in the Discount Code box, then by clicking Apply. The discount amount will then show in your order summary before you place the order.

Do you have any discounts for Professional Cleaners?

We sure do! Check out our Wholesale Shop page for our bundles that are perfect for Professionals. If you're wanting orders larger than these, send us an email to hello@forallaustralia.com

Cleaning with For All

Is there any hard surface For All can’t be used on?

Nope! If you can knock on it, you can clean it with For All! Even some fabric surfaces can be cleaned with For All: it's a great pre-stain treatment for your clothes.

Can I use For All on stone, marble, concrete?

You sure can! As For All is a pH neutral detergent, it is safe to use on all hard surfaces.

Can I use For All on hybrid & laminate flooring?

Absolutely! For All is safe for all flooring types. When it comes to mopping, we always recommend using less product to begin with, and adding more if needed. 

Does For All remove mould?

For All is a detergent which can be used to scrub away mould. However, if the mould is bad, we recommend using Hydrogen Peroxide (the 3% kind from the pharmacy) first, and then maintaining the cleanliness by washing regularly (weekly or fortnightly) with For All. 

Does For All remove calcium build up?

For All can help with this, but won’t remove heavy build up entirely.
We generally recommend using a paste product with a scourer to clean initially, then re-wash the area, and maintain with For All for ongoing cleaning.

Order questions

I’ve made an error with my order, what should I do?

Email us directly at hello@forallaustralia.com to let us know ASAP. We will do our best to get this fixed up for you, however we are only able to make changes to your order if it has not yet entered the packing process. Please note that changes to your order may be limited during periods of high order volume, including peak periods, promotional times, and public holiday periods. 

My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

We're so sorry to hear this! We try our best to make sure your order is packed as securely as possible, but sometimes these things happen. Please email us directly at hello@forallaustralia.com with photos of your damaged order and we'll be able to help.

Can I pick up my order?

Certainly! We offer free Click & Collect from our warehouse in Carrum Downs, Victoria Monday-Friday. Just select Pick up at checkout and we'll be in touch with collection details.

I don't like ordering things online, can I order by phone?

You sure can! Just give our office a call on 03 9747 2470 , we're open during business hours.

Shipping, tracking, & returns

How long will it take to receive my order?

We have a current processing time of 2 business days approx. for standard orders, from the time of placing your order. Orders with express shipping are processed within 1 business day. Once your order is handed over to Australia Post, it is subject to their shipping timeframes, which can be found on their website.

How much is shipping within Australia?

Orders over $43.90 qualify for free standard shipping. Orders under $43.90 will have a flat rate standard shipping cost of $9.95. We also have express shipping available if you'd like to get it faster!

How much is international shipping?

Shipping is calculated on a per-country basis. Once you pop items into your cart, you'll be able to see this. We recommend upgrading to express shipping to ensure you get it as timely as possible!

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been packed, you'll receive an email from Shopify with tracking details. If you can't find this (sometimes it goes to junk, so double check there too), you can always email us at hello@forallaustralia.com and we can send this through to you.

What if I don't like it? Will you refund me?

We're so confident you'll love For All, we provide a 100% money back guarantee. Just post what you have left back, and we'll refund your order including shipping.